Monday, 31 December 2012

quiet reflections

Can you believe it? 2012 is about to end and I cannot begin to tell you how much has happened and how much I've grown this past year. One of the biggest milestones this year was graduating high school in September and finishing my HSC (higher school certificate). I know this sounds extremely cliche but this was really the best year of my life. This is going to be quite a lengthy post so grab some tea and read some of my highlights from 2012 after the jump.

As I see it, the final year of schooling should be a time really appreciating how carefree your life is before you are released into the real world  (i.e. graduating). Although there were times of great stress and anxiety throughout the year, there were many highlights like our entire grade parodying 'Gangnam Style' and suprisingly enjoying it. As for those tough times, I was glad that my friends and teachers were able to help me pick myself back up and kept me going - especially my mentoring teacher and year advisor (so a shout out to them). I don't think I can have one negative thing to say about them at all. It was definitely a year where my appreciation for our teachers have grown seeing the amount of time and dedication they have put just for us students. It is a certainty that high school will definitely be a time of my life that will be cherished and I wish 2012 would slow down.

However, a new year is also a time to start afresh - to see the world with a pair of brand new eyes. In 2013, I'm going to be heading to an entirely different place - university. Is it going to be scary? Yes. When you're being taken from a high school that you have been in for six years to a big university campus, it can be quite daunting. You are exposed and meeting new people everyday instead of seeing the faces you're used to - it is definitely scary. However, I'm trying to make this a positive experience just so I can get the most out of university life. For now, I don't know where I'll end up, but it will definitely be in a univerisity, working extremely hard to get where I want to be.

Now time to address this interesting phenomena - new year's resolutions. It's a fickle thing isn't it? I'm all for setting goals and self-improvement but I just don't like to call them 'new year's resoltution', rather it should be a committment to bettering ourselves in the new year. I have four 'resolutions' (if you will) that I will hopefully stick to.

1. Maintain a consistent exercise routine: I know that this is a new year's resolution for about 90% of the world's population but I have always exercised but never really maintained a schedule for it. I used to be pretty active until the HSC came along. So I do want to make time for it again and hopefully make some fitness gains as well.

2. Eating Clean: Going off the first one, for the most part I have been eating clean in 2012 but I do want to make it a habit out of it. I've noticed that when I do eat clean, I feel so much more better in terms of energy and mood.

3. Meet as much people as I can: Like I said earlier, I'll be starting university in 2013 and I do want to approach university in a positive manner. So that would mean joining as many societies and clubs possible, being the awkward girl striking a conversation, anything. Personally, university should be an experience that everyone should open themselves to and I hope to stick to it.

4. Updating this blog often: I've had this blog for just over a month and I'm really happy that I'm reaching to some of my audience. This blog has served as a great creative outlet for me and enjoying it thus far. Something I also want to do is explore other mediums and projects such as video, DIYs and healthy recipes (see the resolution above).

Like I said before, 2012 was definitely my best year for all those reasons but its time to move forward into another chapter in my life. Since I have listed my 'resolutions' for 2013, I would like to know everyone elses. How was your 2012 and what are your new year's resolutions?


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