Sunday, 23 June 2013

winter wardrobe restock

We have just celebrated (I'm not sure if that is the right term but let's continue) the first official day of Winter in Australia and it was just another reminder that I desperately needed to stock up on some winter basics. This is also a time where I could also stock up on some comfortable items to wear to university instead of my uniform. This uniform normally consisted of some jeans, combat boots and a utility jacket, an ensemble which I have worn to death. In light of this, I have curated a group of items which I hope to acquire over the Winter break. Also, on that note, I finished my first semester of university roughly two weeks ago and I am extremely relieved to have done so.

Now back on topic. I know that cutout boots have been all the rage and I have been a bit slow when it comes to wearing this trend. However, I wanted to find a pair which allowed me to wear some footlets (because the thought of wearing boots with bare feet kinda gross me out). This pair from Topshop are great because they you can still wear low cut footlets without getting smelly feet.

A plaid shirt is a great layering piece especially in the warmer months and I am currently on the market for one. I tend to lean towards plaid shirts with red and navy because it is incredibly versatile especially with items from my wardrobe. This is also a great piece for those 90s grunge outfits. Another piece which I am eyeing is this coat. I have made it a habit to pick up a new coat every time Winter comes around - this immediately makes Winter more enjoyable for me. I have contemplated about buying this coat for a while because I love the colourblock detail of the coat. The neutral shade is also great with virtually with any outfit as well.

Even though most of you are not in Winter at the moment, what else would you add to this list? I am in dire need to suggestions - I definitely need to replenish my winter wardrobe.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

outfit: spiked jumper + leather shorts

ASOS Beanie, DIY Cropped Jumper, Leather Shorts from eBay (first featured here), ASOS Sandals, Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipstick in 111
When a rare warm winter day comes around, it is best to take advantage of it. However, I still want to have textures synonymous with winter. Textures such as leather and terry cloth are reminiscent of winter yet they are still great for those warmer winter days. I also upcycled this jumper where I simply added some studs. This is a simple DIY which anyone can do.

I also completed the two outfits with my DIY transparent clutch, DIY wire chevron rings and two spiked bracelets from eBay.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

trend to try: palm print

Summer is in full spring for those who live in the northern hemisphere while us folks down under are braving the winds and early morning fog. However, that didn't stop me from sharing some insight on summer trends. One that is making the rounds is the palm print. Palm prints scream summer and the tropics and who wouldn't want to spend their days on a tropical island. I guess this trend is one way of bringing tropical destinations much closer to home. 

For those wishing to try this trend out, I suggest starting off small with perhaps a jacket or even a scarf that way it won't be too overwhelming. For those who are a bit more adventurous, try a short suit for those casual days out. Readers, what do you think of this trend and how would you wear it?

images from here, here, here and here.

Friday, 14 June 2013

new in: nike free tr fit 3

Nike Free TR Fit 3
Another purchase, however, I don't think this one goes anywhere near the fashion and style sphere (unless you count the 90s resurgence of Nike Airs). I have been wanting a pair of Nike Frees for the longest time. They previous shoes were just heavy and just didn't fit my foot at all. These on the other hand were as light as a feather and the sole is quite flexible. I believe in investing in a good pair of running or training shoes because if our feet are not taken care of, it can lead to poor alignment of feet and ankles which furthermore lead to poor joints. Can I also mention it can affect the lower back as well? I have already tested them out and they are definitely the best pair of training shoes I have ever owned. The colour range is great but I just stuck to black since it wouldn't get dirty easily and it would match pretty much everything. I purchased these on ASOS with a student discount and I definitely don't regret it. This latest purchase has also motivated me to start running again. I absolutely detest running, no matter how hard I try to like it, it just never happens. What is your stance on running? Like it or hate it?

Thursday, 6 June 2013

aspirational homes | artworks + decor

Continuing in the series of my photographs of aspirational homes, (you can see the other two posts here and here) we are focusing on the little things - artworks and decor. If you were to strip a home of any decor or pieces of art, the home would be bland and cold. This is truly a testament to why the little things really do matter.  Also, these artworks weren't priceless portraits, rather they were minimalistic or simple. Things like dots placed in a rather haphazard fashion or simple floral prints can make effective pieces of artwork which can easily fill up an empty wall. In terms of decor, they normally consisted of small trinkets and plants. They quite often reflected and complimented the colour scheme and tied the entire room together.

Readers, what are your favourite pieces of art or decor pieces in your home?

Monday, 3 June 2013

in rotation

It has been quite some time since I have shared what has been on my playlist so I though now would be a great time. These songs have been on repeat, each having their own reason. Firstly, can we take a second to appreciate how good the soundtrack to 'The Great Gatsby' is. Especially with Lana Del Rey's track, 'Young and Beautiful'. It is somewhat haunting and sombre and fits the story perfectly. It has only been released a couple days ago in Australian theatres and I am definitely going to go watch it after the semester is over with. Also, Jack White's 'Love is Blindness' is another favourite from the soundtrack.

Next is one of my favourite songs when it is performed live and by one of my favourite bands. In one word, it can be described as epic. Live renditions of 'Let The Flames Begin' by Paramore are always full of energy and epic. However, this one in particular at the Reading Festival in 2010 is their best performance to date (a quick suggestion if you are playing the video down below, listen to it with some earphones). It is a shame that they lost some of this sound in their new album but I guess that is how bands grow and evolve. I have yet to get a physical copy of their album (I know, I'm a bad fan) but I'm definitely making the effort during my Winter break.

I must apologise for the lack of updates on this blog. The last week of semester is hectic, but after that I have an almost two month break. I have some posts lined up and expect them within the next fortnight or so. Thanks for hanging in there!