Friday, 30 November 2012

outfit | pastels, stripes & temperamental weather

Forever 21 Sweater, DIY collar, Cotton On Jeans, Hot Options by Target Heels, Rubi Shoes Satchel, Urban Outfitters Watch
Lately, it has been difficult dressing for Sydney's temperamental weather. It's either nice and cool, then blazing hot then suddenly large thunderstorms loom over us; so it has definitely been a challenge trying to dress for what it seems fifty weather conditions all in one day. Since spring is a transitional season with lots of late afternoon rain, I wanted to pull some of my light sweaters out again but still try to incorporate some colour for the spring and what a better way to do it with some lilac denim! I also wore a DIY collar I made just so I didn't have so many layers on. Hopefully, this outfit would help me survive Sydney's temperamental weather!

details: DIY collar
details: satchel + stripes
details: there is something extremely preppy about these buttons... and i like it
view from above

Thursday, 29 November 2012

review | chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation

best ever: chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation in b30

My year 12 formal happened quite recently and since I did not own a foundation, it was about time to get something new. The foundation is described as "Its soft and evanescent ultra-fine fluid texture is a real surprise. Although it is exceptionally delicate and light, an incomparable "second-skin" perfecting result is achieved. The complexion appears amazingly even, fresh and energised. The skin glows with seemingly nude beauty. As if glowing from within. Bathed in light..." For a long time now, there was a lot of hype for the Chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation so I thought I would visit the Chanel beauty and fragrance boutique at The Star just to test it out for myself. I wanted something that was light, didn't look cakey and suitable for my oily skin. For me, this definitely lived up to the hype.
packaging: nozzle instead of the standard pump

The packaging is certainly different in comparison to the other Chanel foundations. Much like the foundation, the packaging is small and lightweight. However, some people may be disappointed with the packaging since it isn't substantial and luxurious, especially for the price but it would make travelling a breeze due to its small stature. This particular foundation comes with a nozzle instead of the standard pump, but personally I didn't find the dispensing of the product difficult.
swatch: chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation in b30

The formula is water-based and spreads quite well on the skin but in terms of staying power, it is not the best. At best, it would last 7 hours with touch ups but for those with drier/normal skin, it shouldn't be a problem. For those with oilier skin types, I would suggest that you prime and powder. Since this formula is very water-based, you would definitely have to shake up the bottle since the foundation does separate, but other than that it shouldn't be a problem. One other thing that should be taken into consideration is that it does have a noticeable fragrance to it. Although this wasn't a deal breaker for me (as a matter of fact, I actually like it), those who do have extremely sensitive skin or just simply hate fragrance should proceed with caution. 

All in all, I would definitely repurchase this foundation and would be great for everyday wear, especially in the Australian summer. This foundation retails for AUD $77 and is sold at Chanel counters and stand alone Chanel beauty and fragrance boutiques.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

outift | summer dressing

Forever 21 Sunglasses, Shirt, Shorts and Belt and; Rubi Shoes Boots

Over the fall, I had bought several pairs of shorts (and maybe some other things as you may have guessed) from Forever 21. However, since living in the southern hemisphere, I haven't had the chance to wear them until now. Something about printed bottoms have caught my eye this spring/summer season and pairing it with a textured albeit simple top creates interest without being too over the top. Although I would classify myself as being a mix between classic, minimalist and preppy, it is nice to wear something different for a change as evidenced by the boots from Rubi.
arm candy from left to right: equip gold bracelets, colette accessories wrap bracelet, urban outfitters watch and spike bracelet from eBay
details: crochet + mesh collar
details: teal floral printed shorts
the view from above

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A New Season

Welcome to mode & prerogative! Summer is just a couple days away and with plenty of free time on my hands (for now!) I though it would be a good time to start a blog about the things I love and hopefully sharing it with everyone. Despite summer not being my favourite season, the one thing I do enjoy is swimming laps as a means of cooling down. It is also quite symbolic that water is of refreshing nature, being able to have the powers of renewal. F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby said:

"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again in the summer."

With that, I hope to rejuvenate and go through the process of renewal through the summer break. Enjoy.

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