Sunday, 6 January 2013

inspiration | the workspace

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In this coming year, I have decided to revamp my workspace. Since I am due to start  university this year, I thought there was no better way to start the academic year afresh with a workspace which would allow me to work hours on end without being bored and uninspired. Currently, my workspace is a mess. It is placed into a corner devoid of any natural light. My desk and chair has certainly seen better days and there definitely needs to be a change of scenery.

I am definitely picky with decor, everything has to be just right. I want it to be especially inviting so it can provide me that extra motivation just work to for that extra hour. I don't also want it to be too overly feminine but still add some feminine details to add a personal touch. Also, the workspace has to be practical. What is the point of having such a workspace where you have decorated it to the point where it is a place I cannot work in? I have picked several details which have stood out to me and I hope to incorporate these over the coming months.

details: clear x chrome
Lately, I have been drawn to clear and chrome details. The smallest details such as a perspex chair, a glass tabletop or chrome finish legs can completely change a classic piece of furniture. I have been looking into a classic Phillipe Starck Victoria Ghost Chair. However, to be able to acquire a genuine Phillipe Starck piece in Australia can be quite expensive and rather impossible. It would be more than likely that I will opt for a replica instead, for a fraction of the price.

simple desk + interesting chair = chic workspace
What I have found after browsing through thousands of pictures of workspaces is that they tend to have rather clean and simple desks paired with rather interesting chairs. these statement chairs can be rather be seen as a piece of art. It adds intrigue to an otherwise ordinary combination of the desk and chair.

details: a bouquet of fresh flowers
There is nothing like a fresh bouquet of fresh flowers. They can instantly add a touch of femininity to any workspace. Although they are a luxury and an expensive habit to maintain, it is nice once in a while to be greeted with some white tulips or some peonies. It brightens the workspace and helps to create a rather inviting and inspiring atmosphere, perfect for hours of work.

Although this workspace of mine will be built piece by piece, I hope to a space which is practical yet inspiring. What would you change about your workspace?


  1. Love all these photos so much! Always wanted a space like this.

  2. I wish I had spaces like these to work in! They're beautiful.


  3. Great inspirational picture!!! I wish I had a workspace lke these. Maybe i my dream house, I will :)

    New bloglovin follower !

    Eirini from

  4. I need to refurnish my room! This is such good inspiration :D


  5. I completely agree with you, my workspace a mess! What makes it worse, is that furniture shopping in Spain is absolutely impossible, so it has taken me half a year to find the perfect chair and table - and I still haven't found it!

    Victoria. X

  6. loving your inspiration, clean and sleek- the perfect ingredients for productivity!

    //Birdie Shoots//