Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rise of the Fashion Sweatshirt

Who would have thought that the humble sweatshirt would be such a street style staple? Once only reserved for sweaty gyms or those Friday nights at home, the humble sweatshirt is literally everywhere. However instead of the classic heather grey sweatshirt, they are adorned with embellishments, wild prints and even embroidery. It is these elements that turn the sweatshirt into a statement piece.

Although some of these sweatshirts can retail for up to a thousand dollars, a collection of homage tees and sweatshirts have emerged. Brands spend thousands, if not millions, to protect their brand and brands such as Reason have put a cheeky spin on the designer sweatshirt. Brand names have been 're-phrased' into a more humorous take of the name such as 'Homies' (Hermes), 'Partier' (Cartier) and 'Ain't Laurent' (Yves Saint Laurent).  This Homie tee from Reason would be a great wardrobe staple for layering or even the sweatshirt would be a great alternative for the colder months. Are you on this bandwagon because I definitely am.

This is my first post after a month long hiatus. I definitely needed a break from blogging and just enjoy my winter break. I just started the Spring semester a couple days ago and it was time to get back into the swing of things again. I am definitely looking to refresh my blog with a new layout because from time to time we just need to start afresh. Until then you can follow me on my social media channels below and stay tuned for some exciting changes!

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