Sunday, 23 June 2013

winter wardrobe restock

We have just celebrated (I'm not sure if that is the right term but let's continue) the first official day of Winter in Australia and it was just another reminder that I desperately needed to stock up on some winter basics. This is also a time where I could also stock up on some comfortable items to wear to university instead of my uniform. This uniform normally consisted of some jeans, combat boots and a utility jacket, an ensemble which I have worn to death. In light of this, I have curated a group of items which I hope to acquire over the Winter break. Also, on that note, I finished my first semester of university roughly two weeks ago and I am extremely relieved to have done so.

Now back on topic. I know that cutout boots have been all the rage and I have been a bit slow when it comes to wearing this trend. However, I wanted to find a pair which allowed me to wear some footlets (because the thought of wearing boots with bare feet kinda gross me out). This pair from Topshop are great because they you can still wear low cut footlets without getting smelly feet.

A plaid shirt is a great layering piece especially in the warmer months and I am currently on the market for one. I tend to lean towards plaid shirts with red and navy because it is incredibly versatile especially with items from my wardrobe. This is also a great piece for those 90s grunge outfits. Another piece which I am eyeing is this coat. I have made it a habit to pick up a new coat every time Winter comes around - this immediately makes Winter more enjoyable for me. I have contemplated about buying this coat for a while because I love the colourblock detail of the coat. The neutral shade is also great with virtually with any outfit as well.

Even though most of you are not in Winter at the moment, what else would you add to this list? I am in dire need to suggestions - I definitely need to replenish my winter wardrobe.

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