Thursday, 6 June 2013

aspirational homes | artworks + decor

Continuing in the series of my photographs of aspirational homes, (you can see the other two posts here and here) we are focusing on the little things - artworks and decor. If you were to strip a home of any decor or pieces of art, the home would be bland and cold. This is truly a testament to why the little things really do matter.  Also, these artworks weren't priceless portraits, rather they were minimalistic or simple. Things like dots placed in a rather haphazard fashion or simple floral prints can make effective pieces of artwork which can easily fill up an empty wall. In terms of decor, they normally consisted of small trinkets and plants. They quite often reflected and complimented the colour scheme and tied the entire room together.

Readers, what are your favourite pieces of art or decor pieces in your home?


  1. Love the photos! The drift wood artwork is amazing!

    1. That drift wood artwork was actually my favourite out of the ones I saw. Maybe it has something to do with my appreciation for natural materials in the home.