Monday, 3 June 2013

in rotation

It has been quite some time since I have shared what has been on my playlist so I though now would be a great time. These songs have been on repeat, each having their own reason. Firstly, can we take a second to appreciate how good the soundtrack to 'The Great Gatsby' is. Especially with Lana Del Rey's track, 'Young and Beautiful'. It is somewhat haunting and sombre and fits the story perfectly. It has only been released a couple days ago in Australian theatres and I am definitely going to go watch it after the semester is over with. Also, Jack White's 'Love is Blindness' is another favourite from the soundtrack.

Next is one of my favourite songs when it is performed live and by one of my favourite bands. In one word, it can be described as epic. Live renditions of 'Let The Flames Begin' by Paramore are always full of energy and epic. However, this one in particular at the Reading Festival in 2010 is their best performance to date (a quick suggestion if you are playing the video down below, listen to it with some earphones). It is a shame that they lost some of this sound in their new album but I guess that is how bands grow and evolve. I have yet to get a physical copy of their album (I know, I'm a bad fan) but I'm definitely making the effort during my Winter break.

I must apologise for the lack of updates on this blog. The last week of semester is hectic, but after that I have an almost two month break. I have some posts lined up and expect them within the next fortnight or so. Thanks for hanging in there!

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