Wednesday, 10 April 2013

haul | colette by colette hayman

When a store has 50% off all jewelery, you know you have to take advantage of it and that is what I exactly did. I picked up three items to add to my jewelry collection including two statement necklaces and a bracelet - perfect for arm candy. The first necklace I have been eyeing for a while but I could never justify it because it wasn't versatile for me. However, ever since purchasing it, it is definitely a piece that is great for adding a pop of colour (I know, how cliche can I get?). It also reminds me of J Crew necklaces, but since we don't have it here in Australia this is the closest I am going to get.

There is something about the collar trend that just won't die. Don't even bother looking at me because I don't know either. This trend has translated into statement necklaces as well. This diamante collar necklace is piece great on its own with a simple top. However, I found that it works well under collared tops, especially under the collars of my chambray shirt. It adds the contrast of the casual and ordinary to the dress and glamorous. It is something I definitely recommend for you to try out - it adds a bit of sparkle without it being too much for the daytime.

I also purchased another bracelet because can you ever have too many bracelets? I'm definitely looking forward to featuring this in some of my arm candy. I think I might have to make another stop at Colette soon since their sale is still on. Until then...

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