Monday, 29 April 2013

five picks from asos

from left to right: ASOS PREMIUM Top with Allover Applique,  ASOS Linen Mini Skirt with Wrap Detail, Glamorous Boyfriend Jeans in Light Wash Distressed Denim, ASOS Leather Look Quilted Biker Jacket
This is another round of five picks and I know I haven't updated this blog for a week. Don't fret, I haven't forgotten, I've just been enjoying my mid-semester break. All of these five pieces I have been eyeing for quite some time and I thought I would share them in this round of five picks.

For the past two months, I've been finding the perfect wrap skirt. This has been a 'struggle', (but lets face it, there is more to the world than finding the perfect skirt) mainly because I couldn't find any in stores locally or they weren't at a suitable price point. However, this skirt from ASOS is virtually perfect and at a great price too! Combine it with student discounts and free shipping, I might have to order it for myself.

I know that I have placed an emphasis on building the wardrobe basics, but one trendy piece won't hurt right? This applique top is feminine but is edgy and dark at the same time. This top is great for layering especially when it is coming into winter here in Australia. This can be paired with a black skater skirt for an ultra feminine date night outfit or combat boots for some edgy glam.

For my final pick, I chose these pair of sandals. A simple black sandal is a wardrobe staple which can be easily paired with anything especially denim shorts on hot summer days. This sandal also comes in an electric orange colour which can add a pop of colour  to any outfit. The only things that stopped me from buying the orange pair was that I couldn't really wear it with anything. I've bought three of these items already and I may buy a fourth. Take a guess. Hope you enjoyed this round of five picks.


  1. Love the sandals! Ahaha.

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  2. Love this! Just give me the last twoo looks and I will be happy as a childdd :D


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